Kennett Veterinary Clinic

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Medical Services

KVC is a "general practice".  While we cannot be "all things to all people", we do provide a wide variety of services to ensure and enhance your pet's health.

Anesthesia: We use a variety of anesthetic drugs, tailoring the combination to your pet's individual needs.  Pre-anesthetic blood testing and electrocardiogram can be completed in twenty minutes, so they do not require an additional visit prior to your pet's surgical appointment. Most prolonged surgeries are performed under Sevoflurane gas anesthesia.  This agent has little depressing effect on the heart muscle, and can be adjusted rapidly, lighter or deeper, as need.  Patients are carefully monitored throughout.

Surgery:  For the patient, no surgery is routine.  While Dr.Mobley may have performed an operation hundreds of times, we realize that it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your pet.  Whether it is the removal of a tiny tumor, or a major exploratory, we treat every surgery as major surgery.

Dentistry: Since mouth disease can spread to the entire body, we focus on preventive maintenance to help you preserve your pet's dental health. Ultrasonic de-scaling and polishing removes tartar deposits that can endanger your pet's teeth and gums.  We also perform oral surgery to remove damaged teeth and treat severe gum disease.

Dermatology: Dr. Mobley has a special interest in skin diseases.

Pharmacy:  We maintain an extensive inventory of medicines and supplies so that we are ready to treat your pet as soon as possible.

Pain Management:  Controlling our patients' pain is a major concern at KVC.  [Link coming soon]

Senior Care: Older pets require special care and consideration. [Link coming soon]

Exotic Animal Medicine:  There is a virtual "Noah's Ark" of possible pets, and we cannot be an expert for all of them.  Most of our patients are dogs and cats and our facilities are primarily devoted to small companion animals.  We also are equipped to provide basic horse health care services.  If you have cows, pigs, birds, pocket pets, or reptiles, we will try to direct you to the best doctor for them in our area.  When that is not possible, Dr.Mobley will gather as much information as possible in the exam, and research your case with experts in the field.

1704 Saint Francis Street
Kennett, MO 63857-1561
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*We are closed between 12:00 noon and 1:30 for lunch on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesay and Friday.
**We close for the day at noon on Thursday and Saturday.

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