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Living Motor-mount

So, Sharon comes to the back and says, "There's a horse out front with a motor stuck in its back."  And I'm thinking, "No, there's my brother, Matt, out front with some crazy story about a horse with a motor stuck in its back."  But, sure enough, out front in the trailer is the horse with this little motor stuck in its back.



"You see, my horse lot used to be a salvage yard.  I try to keep it picked up, but after a rain junk comes up out of the ground. I reckon he was rolling and stuck that there motor in his back.  I don't think it's been in there more than three days, but probably not much less.  He acted like it hurt him when I went to pull on it, so I thought I better get you to take a look at him."  Acted like it hurt, huh?  I'm thinking that was no act.


After a little tranquilizer and pain medication, I extracted this rascal.  There was an abscess that was under so much pressure that the pus squirted two feet into the air. For a minute, I thought it must been stuck in an artery.  I had to make a tunnel in from the side to drain a fist-sized pocket that went all the way down to his spine.  It took several days of irrigation and picking out chunks of dead stuff, and when I occasionally touched a nerve, he'd drop to his knees.  We finally got it healed up, good as new.

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