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Diagnostic Services

At KVC, we know that returning your pet to health will be done faster and with less expense when the treatment plan is based on the correct diagnosis.  We have invested heavily in the equipment it takes to find the information we need.

Radiology: A 300mA X-ray machine with automated film processing gives us consistent high quality images in less than five minutes.

Ultrasound:  This diagnostic imaging tool allows us to see organs and tissues that X-rays do not show clearly.

Blood Analysis: Complete blood counts and blood chemistry analysis give us a "snapshot" of how your pet's internal organs are functioning. Our in-house equipment gives us your test results in less than twenty minutes, using  very small amounts of your pet's blood.

Cytology:  Microscopic examination of body fluids, ear swabs, skin scrapings and tissue impressions can often give us a quick clue to your pet's problem.

Video Otoscope: It can be pretty tough to see a problem down inside your pet's ear.  A nice big picture on the video monitor makes it much easier.

Electrocardiogram:  The clips go on your pet, the telephone goes on the box, and your pet's ECG prints out in New Jersey.  Within twenty minutes, we have a report from a board-certified specialist who helps us to evaluate your pet's heart health.

Anesthetic Monitoring: Patients are monitored for heart rate, respiratory rate, adequate oxygen intake, carbon dioxide build-up and blood pressure.  If your pet should start to have difficulty, we will know it immediately and take steps to correct the situation.

Outside Laboratories:  When specialized tests are needed, your pet's samples may be sent by Fed Ex to Antech Diagnostic Laboratories, Missouri's Department of Agriculture State Laboratories, the University of Missouri's College of Veterinary Medicine's Diagnostic Laboratory, Veterinary Allergy Reference Laboratory, California Dermatopathology Laboratory, and the Texas A&M Gastro-Intestinal Laboratory.

Consultation with Specialists: When your pet's problems require more specialized expertise, we consult by telephone with Veterinary School specialists.  We also subscribe to Veterinary Information Network (VIN) where 115 specialists are on call via the internet.  MedVet Specialty Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee, is the home of our closest board-certified medical and surgical specialists, and we have a good working relationship with them.

Telemedicine: In addition to the ECGs sent to Idexx Telemedicine, we can also send (via the internet) high quality pictures of your pet, X-rays, microscopic images, and ultra-sound scans (both still and motion clips).  This allows specialists to help us when travel to them with your pet is not feasible.

1704 Saint Francis Street
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